What Does God Like? Part I

Photo by FreeWine; Creative Commons 2.0

I like to paddle my kayak on a a quiet evening, listening to the birds chirp and the fish splash. I like fresh fruit and I like dark chocolate. I like to hang out with friends and family. I like trips to the ocean—a place that I’d actually like to live. I like to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play football (unless they are losing). The truth is that I like a lot of things—this list could go on and on . . . .

What do you like? How long is your list? What degree of effort do you put into pursuing what you like? Okay, be honest, how many trips have you taken to the ice cream stand this summer?

We all know what we like, but how many of us have taken the time to ponder or to ask God what He likes? We’re all naturally inclined to pursue our own desires, but love calls us to a higher plane of life.

After 26+ years of marriage, I have a fairly good idea (at least in my own mind) what my wife does and doesn’t like. I try to provide what she likes and avoid what she doesn’t—at least until my own selfishness or thoughtlessness get in the way.

What does God Like?

Many of us read the Bible. We attend church. We sing worship songs. But do we know what God likes?

The other morning while performing a routine morning task and praying I felt God impress upon my heart what He likes. I was soon scouring the pages of my Bible because I’ve learned the importance of confirming that what I think I’m hearing from God is the same as what He is actually speaking. In this case it was.

What does God like?

Why don’t you take some time to ask Him?

I’ll share more thoughts on the subject next week.


One thought on “What Does God Like? Part I

  1. Good read.

    When love is obligatory, there is much to worry. Love is not about “feelings”, love is a decision for ever. This is what the Christian proverb means: “Better is open rebuke, than hidden love.”

    I am thankful for this verse. It has taught us a greater value to our being. It also shows us that we can love God even though we feel the balances are wrong, our feelings are merely justifications to our wrongdoings. If we stop “feeling” sorry for ourselves, and move forward toward the Good News…then we would be much more respected by others around us.

    We could learn to fear God more…I think we could make a great start with that simple aspect. 😀

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