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Search for Me Ministries, Inc
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Our Vision

Search for Me Ministries, Inc. is a teaching and resource ministry devoted to helping churches and Christian ministries reach and grow spiritually mature disciples.

The Need

As a whole the Church in the USA has issues. A high percentage of pastors are struggling or leaving the ministry – much of it due to the frustrations of the difficulties of dealing with people. We have a tremendous need for Biblically-based teaching materials that effectively facilitate genuine life transformation and bring people to a place of greater spiritual maturity.

The goal of an effective teaching ministry is not simply to convey information, or to burden people with a greater sense of obligation, but rather to unlock a relevant understanding of God’s transformational truths. Our studies connect the dots, so to speak, presenting a picture of God’s plan in a fresh and powerful way. By lovingly addressing the root issues of life in a supportive small group environment, our materials help Christians break free from bonds that hinder spiritual growth. The result is that they draw closer to their Creator, discover their God-given identities, build meaningful relationships and fulfill their purposes for living. It is our conviction that secure, fruitful Christians will be tremendous assets to their local church leadership!

Our Opportunity

The tremors that are shaking the foundations of our world system spell opportunity for the Church of Jesus Christ. The highly insightful writer Victor Hugo once said:

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.”

For a culture lost in the shifting sands of insecurity, we believe that the time has come for our lives to be transformed by the timeless message of the Gospel rather than by human opinion. The Search for Me identity series captures the power of the Gospel and effectively translates it into changed lives.


Search for Me Ministries, Inc. is a fully tax-deductible, IRS approved, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. More about financial partnership and other relevant information about our ministry can be found on our website: www.sfme.org.