The Search for Me Identity Series

The Search for Me – A Journey Toward a Rock Solid Identity is a 12-part DVD teaching series that boldly, but lovingly touches many of the core issues that influence human behavior. This life-changing study provides a powerful expose of the human condition and Christianity’s solution. The effects are multifaceted as participants grow together in faith, renew their love for God, and break free from sin.

Those who have participated in this series, even some who have been Christians for a long time, have been challenged and empowered toward spiritual growth in new and fresh ways.

Each chapter involves roughly 45 minutes of in-depth, Biblically-based teaching broken down into three sections.

Groups can utilize a 12-week semester format going through an entire chapter each week, or take more time to thoroughly absorb the material. The Search for Me makes for a really nice one-year study utilizing three 12-week sessions or six 6-week sessions with breaks in between.

The audio files below are free for listening to anyone who desires to stream them from this site. Please note, however, that these messages are most effectively presented in a small group setting.

More information about The Search for Me Identity Series, sample video clips and sample pages from The Search for Me Study Guide can be found on our Search for Me Ministries, Inc. website.

The Search for Me small group kit, study guide, CD and MP3 audio downloads are available for purchase through our:
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“It’s scary how easy it is to fall away from the habit of studying the Bible, applying it in daily life, going to church, etc. But I feel like The Search for Me study has really filled in the gaps that just reading the Bible can leave. I can’t begin to thank you for the hope that this study has inspired in me.” – Christine

The Search for Me Audio Files:

Chapter 1 – Launch into Your Journey! – Our world tries hard to force us into its mold, but God has a higher call for every one of us. To discover our God-given identities, we must step out of our comfort zones and journey into the unknown!

Chapter 2 – The Problem with Cain – We cannot fully experience the blessings of God until we better understand the cause of the Crash and its long-term ramifications. Otherwise we continually repeat the errors of our ancestors.

Chapter 3 – The Fig Leaf Mania Club – Collateral damage from the Crash has left us doubting God and fearing shame. Finding wholeness and freedom requires that we move beyond a shallow emphasis on image, canceling our memberships to the Fig Leaf Mania Club.

Chapter 4 – The Natural Order – Pride, guilt and condemnation are deadly symptoms of humankind’s constant need to measure up to moral and cultural standards of perfection. The content of this message provides a powerful step toward freedom!

Chapter 5 – The Great Irony of Heaven – Jesus was much more than simply a good teacher or another in a long line of religious leaders. The cross of Christ is both the fulcrum of human history and the foundation of our personal approval in the eyes of God.

Chapter 6 – The Cure for Spiritual Scurvy – Far too many of us have bought into the lie that power of Sin over our lives can never be broken. How we need to understand that grace is so much more than we often allow it to be!

Chapter 7 – A Gospel Smoothie – Four words is all that it takes to grasp the essence of Christianity. This session will simplify the difficult things we’ve discussed previously, as well as help us to see ourselves through the spiritual eyes of God.

Chapter 8 – The Crabby World of Judgmentalism – Our inability to understand the difference between righteous and unrighteous judgments has damaged so many relationships. God is calling His Church to a new measure of oneness in our day!

Chapter 9 – How Will I Know? – We all search for security in an increasingly crazy and mixed up world. Now is the time for all Christians to rediscover the powerful dynamics of our covenant relationship with God.

Chapter 10 – Dead Dog Love – Sometimes we are blind to it, but our heavenly Father’s love pursues us in ways beyond explanation. We are transformed as we begin to understand that He faithfully loves us even when we’re at our worst.

Chapter 11 – The Great Romance – There are some truths that dare never be lost! Marriage is about so much more than living together and raising a family–it is meant to provide us with a deeper grasp of what it means to be a Christian.

Chapter 12 – Unfading Glory – We find in the Christian faith something far greater than anything this world has to offer. The Search for Me can only be fulfilled as we humble ourselves and develop genuine relationships with God and His people.

Below is a sample video clip about grace from Chapter 6:


5 thoughts on “Audio Files

  1. Nice site Bob! I am enjoying the messages (again) and look forward to seeing and hearing more!

    Keep up the great work and take care… to you soon.


  2. Comfort Zone… The most unhappiest place in the world; cynical, boredom, lonely, fears that fester and create terrible habits…man the list goes on and on. Chapter one spoke to me.

  3. Funny how when you begin to step out in faith you begin to examine your life. Wow how many things come to the surface that do not line up Christ. Being a Christian has been easy when sitting on the couch watching the Orielly factor. Just listened to chapter one…had my name on it.

    1. Bob, there’s a mindset in the world of personal growth and service that encourages us to “be comfortable being uncomfortable.” If we can accept the idea that life isn’t meant for comfort, it changes our perspective of uncomfortable circumstances. Like the old adage goes, ships are safe in the harbor, but that isn’t what ships are for. In spite of any discomfort or anxiety, there’s a certain excitement and hope that comes with stepping out of our comfort zones in obedience to God–it’s when we truly begin to live.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the study–and Chapter One is only the warm-up!

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